Our website design service aims to provide you with a beautiful cutting edge, responsive website, with easy to use management software, saving you time and money.  We utilize the most up to date technology which provides you with a stunning website that contains all the features you could possibly want, and it will function seamlessly.  You can be sure that your site will look great and perform well on any device too.  We make sure that all of your content and controls are accurate and readily available on mobile devices as well as traditional online formats.  By paying attention to the latest web trends we make sure that your site will be available to those who are searching for you, quickly and easily.

Some examples of our recent work can be found below. 

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Responsive Design

With an ever increasing array of devices used to access the internet it is important that your site can respond to any device that consumers choose to use.  Both Google and Baidu announced that mobile searches overtook traditional desktop searches in 2015.  Many developers fail to keep responsiveness in mind when creating websites.  Our sites dynamically re-size and are optimized to load across a variety of platforms, meaning they will always load fast and look good, regardless of the device used to view them, from an HD TV to the smallest wearable device or phone displays.

Graphic design

Our design team will work with you to envision and create your brand image, ensuring compatability with all your target markets. We know our clients want the best for their company and we want the best for our clients.  We pay attention to details and make sure to do our best to interpret your personal vision for designs and materials in to a well executed marketing product. If you have existing branding we will ensure that your website enhances and compliments your brand.  

Content Management System

Our sites are built using easily accessible Content Managment Systems, making updating and changing the content a breeze, and allowing rapid development of new features.  We provide you, the customer, the power to be in control, with a simple intuitive graphical interface.  Of course if you would prefer, we can continue to handle your updates after the site is built.  See Media And Marketing for details.  We are happy to provide any level of service, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.


One of our key areas of expertise is in designing products for a global market.  The majority of our sites are designed to be multilingual, with built in software for managing your translations.  Our sites intelligently detect the language your site visitor is using and present the content accordingly.  Our in house translators can adapt your content to be culturally specific. esuring your meaning does not get lost in the translation.  We guarantee accurate translation in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai and Tagalog.  If you require any other languages for your site, we are happy to provide translation as a value added service.

SEO and Analytics

At the end of the process we will perform a full SEO analysis of your site, and work with you, to improve any areas that need fine tuning.  We install Google Analytics, giving you access to valuable marketing information about site traffic, referral sources and user demographics and habits.  Webmaster tools give you valuble data about who is visiting your site and why.  Then we use all of the analytical information effectively, maximizing search engine rangings,  to ensure that your company is quicly and easily in view of your target audience.

China Specific

As a China based company, we are all too aware of all the mistakes commonly made.  We are adept at designing with China in mind.  Due to certain services being unavailable in China, many websites fail to display correctly.  Functionality can be damaged, or the sites load slowly.  As we are based in China we ensure your site will load correctly regardless of geographic location.  Websites operating in China require an ICP license issued by the government,  which we can guide you through the process of getting the necessary approvals.  Most designers operating outside of China fail to take into account all of the operational and funcitonal details that are required for internet based media to function properly.


We offer a range of services at no additonal cost, all our packages include the first year of hosting fees, and registration of your domain name.  Our hosting includes continuous managment of your security updates, however, as disasters can happen, we will automatically perform a weekly backup of your entire site to our secure servers. 

We have a built in process for continuous and ongiong translation updates.  Our translation staff is atuomatically alerted to each new content additon or change, and they will respond to each of these with an accurate and responsive translation in any of our supported languages. 

We also provide Email Setup, specific to your web address, with unlimited storage.  You can easily send and receive emails from anyone, anywhere, and we will link it to any commonly used email provider platform.



Content Management System

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