Zanderfray Solutions was originally formed in 2009, initially focusing on website development and technical IT solutions. Since then, Zanderfray Solutions has grown to cover many additional fields of service, specializing in bridging the gap between Western business models and the constantly changing Chinese business landscape. We are adept at utilizing the latest forms of social and traditional media in a keenly targeted manner to effectively reach your target audience.

China can be a very complex place to conduct business with many pitfalls. Often who you know is as important as what you know. With that in mind, our core team consists of many long term China expats working hand in hand with the best local talent. We  based in Shanghai with a proven track record and a solid network of valuable business relationships in the area.

Our business is split fairly evenly between local companies wanting to reach a global audience and foreign companies struggling to make headway in China. With both major international brands and large Chinese state and private entities as clients there is not much we can't handle, big or small. We have a wealth of experience assisting various types of companies with a diverse set of needs and challenges.

We are poised and ready to help any size company with their business needs. We have been driven to excel at providing qualified and dedicated marketing and technology development services to small and medium size businesses. We want our clients to experience personal, truly customized service. We offer bespoke services and various levels of packaged services that are designed to cover all the specific needs of your business. We are always available and ready to respond to any of your business development and marketing needs.